Rules of conduct for suppliers to HD Solskjerming AS

HD Solskjermings code of conduct for suppliers describes how HD Solskjermings suppliers, including subcontractors, agents and hired installers, shall act and act in such a way that HD Solskjermings value chain is run in an ethical and socially responsible manner. All products and services delivered to HD Solskjerming shall comply with the requirements of this Code of Conduct. The code of conduct is to be regarded as a minimum requirement, and additional requirements and guidelines from HD Solskjerming/Client in connection with the various projects may apply. The supplier shall ensure that all subcontractors throughout the value chain comply with HD Solskjermings code of conduct for suppliers. HD Solskjerming reserves the right to audit the provider as necessary. In such an audit, the supplier is obliged to make the necessary resources and information available for HD Solskjerming.

If a supplier is unsure about the significance of the various rules of conduct, questions can be directed to HD Purchasing Manager. Any violation of HD Solskjermings code of conduct for suppliers must be notified to HD Purchasing Manager. Violations of HD Solskjermings rules for suppliers may have consequences for the supplier relationship, such as termination of contract, demands for compensation, reporting to the police, etc.
This document has been approved by the management of HD Solskjerming.


The supplier shall comply with and respect internationally recognised principles, standards and rights, including the ILO’s core conventions: freedom of association, the right to enter into collective agreements, the prohibition of slave and forced labour, child labour and discrimination.


The supplier shall promote equality in employment relationships and shall have zero tolerance for direct and indirect discrimination based on religion, colour, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, political affiliation or disability. The supplier must not accept any form of discrimination or harassment in any of its workplaces, and dismissals on unjustified grounds shall not occur.

No whistleblower shall be discriminated against or in any way punished for reporting in good faith.

3. HSE

The supplier shall ensure that all employees have a safe and good working environment in accordance with applicable laws and regulations relating to health, safety and the environment. The supplier shall promote a culture with a focus on HSE. The supplier shall map all risk factors and implement the necessary measures to prevent accidents and occupational diseases. The supplier is obliged to take out all statutory insurance.


HD Solskjerming will use procurements that are important tools in the green shift to achieve our environmental and sustainability goals.

Suppliers who perform assignments on behalf of HD Solskjerming must comply with the requirements of the Internal Control Regulations and environmental legislation, which means that the supplier has the least possible impact on the environment. The supplier shall contribute to measures that reduce emissions throughout the value chain.

HD Solskjerming will prefer suppliers who have environmental certifications (such as ISO 14001) and who can supply eco-labelled products as well as provide information about the emissions of the products (EPD) when selecting new suppliers.

HD Solskjerming shall at all times have the opportunity to carry out audits of the supplier to ensure that environmental requirements are complied with.


None of the supplier’s employees or anyone representing the supplier shall directly or indirectly offer, promise, give or receive bribes, illegal or inappropriate gifts or other improper benefits or remuneration for the purpose of obtaining business or personal benefits.

The supplier shall distance itself from all forms of corruption, and oppose all forms of money laundering, and take the necessary precautions to prevent the company’s financial transactions from being exploited to launder money.


The supplier shall work actively to ensure that no forms of work-related crime (e.g. undeclared work, social dumping, unworthy wages and working conditions, etc.) occur, either in its own company, among its subcontractors or in the rest of the supplier’s value chain. HD Solskjerming takes such incidents very seriously, and breaches may result in termination of the contract with HD Solskjerming with immediate effect.


Suppliers affected by the Transparency Act must meet the requirements in force at any given time. This includes carrying out a due diligence assessment, a survey and assessment of actual and potential negative consequences, for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions that the enterprise has caused or contributed to. The account should be easily accessible to HD Solskjerming.


The supplier shall set high commercial ethical standards and compete in accordance with applicable laws and business ethics. The supplier shall not cause or engage in any activities that may represent violations of competition law, including illegal price fixing or sharing of market information. The supplier shall act with honesty, fairness and integrity.


The supplier shall not do business with countries, groups, organisations or individuals that are subject to sanctions from the UN, the EU, Norwegian authorities or any other relevant local authority. The Supplier shall not use suppliers and/or partners operating in such countries without sufficient research having been carried out in advance to ensure that the products and/or services in question are not covered by the restrictions. The managing director of the supplier is responsible for ensuring that this is done.


The supplier shall actively refrain from actions and avoid situations where a conflict of interest arises. The Supplier’s employees shall not engage in activities, directly or indirectly, where a conflict of interest may arise between HD Solskjerming and the Supplier’s employees, anyone in his family or related interests.

The Supplier shall notify HD Solskjerming in writing of any situation where there is a possible or perceived conflict between personal interests and HD Solskjermings interests.


The provider shall keep information about HD Solskjerming confidential and prevent a third party from gaining unauthorized access to confidential information. The confidentiality also applies after the assignment has been completed.


It is not allowed to be under the influence of drugs, including alcohol and drugs, when working for HD Solskjerming. When presenting, attending courses and conferences or other work-related occasions where there is access to alcohol, moderation must be exercised, and one must act in a way that does not compromise HD Solskjermings reputation or one’s own or others’ integrity.


The Supplier shall not, directly or indirectly, offer gifts to HD Solskjermings employees, persons representing HD Solskjerming or anyone closely related thereto.

The supplier may offer social events, activities or meals if it has a clear professional/business purpose and the cost is kept at a reasonable level. Travel, overnight stays and other similar expenses must always be paid for by HD Solskjerming.


The provider is responsible for its employees’ use of internet-based forums such as blog posts, image dissemination and participation in debates. One should be especially careful when posting information, photos or posts that are related to HD Solskjerming. This applies to HD Solskjermings business and HD Solskjermings business relationships.

Personal and confidential information should not be disclosed and colleagues, customers and other business associates should not be cited or referenced without their approval. Intellectual property rights and copyrighted material must be respected.

Version 10.11.2022